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Mayor David H. Roche

After many years as a public official here, it continues to be my honor to serve you and do my part to make Richmond Heights the best City it can be. Now that I am your Mayor, my administration and I are doing what it takes to maintain your property values, keep you safe, help you grow your businesses, and encourage camaraderie among us.

It is my belief that our team of City officials is doing a superb job of achieving the best outcomes for Richmond Heights. For example, I brought back Phil Seyboldt as our Building Commissioner. Phil is bringing back his proven vision for keeping Richmond Heights beautiful. Seyboldt inspects progress on new construction, home repairs, and arranges for the removal of blighted structures. After almost ten years, we are slated to demolish the Amoco Gas Station at the corner of Chardon and Richmond Road. With help from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, the old gas station should be gone by summer and lush green space will take its place.

We are actively marketing our City to newcomers because our City is an ideal place to live and work. Through our expanded and updated web site, which will “go live” in the weeks to come, we are showcasing the fresh face of Richmond Heights by featuring more in-depth information from each of our city’s departments. We believe our new web site will draw interest from businesses and community members who may consider shopping, living, working and/or manufacturing in Richmond Heights.

We recently enhanced Police and Fire Departments with the acquisition of additional safety personnel and equipment. On Tuesday January 27, I gave the oath of office to Patrolman Donald Stocum; our first newly hired police officer since 2009. In November, 2014, the Division of Fire obtained a new Type I ambulance and a new “chase vehicle”. These two new vehicles are already on our streets ready when you need them.

We have also seen promising expansion of our local industries. In particular, we appreciate and support Merit Brass’ ongoing contribution to our community as demonstrated through the construction of its new 25,000 square foot warehouse. We plan to continue supporting our local industries while encouraging new industries to establish their businesses right here in Richmond Heights.

The task of uplifting Richmond Heights is one that I embrace. So I want to hear your thoughts and ideas as to what steps forward might work best. To get your perspective, we are increasing our community engagement with our ongoing “Community Conversations” series, and our upcoming E-Newsletters which are both explained in this issue of the City Edition. Similarly, we encourage you to register for Ready Notify—
a County emergency notification system designed to provide City informational updates and guide and instruct you as to what to do in the event of a serious emergency.

As you will read, we are very busy here at City Hall because you deserve our very best and that’s what we strive to provide for you every day.


David H. Roche, Mayor


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