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Mayor David H. Roche

October 7, 2014
For Immediate Release


Dear Richmond Heights Neighbors:

We have been through some challenging times, and as your public servants we recognize and honor the tough decisions you have made about the future of Richmond Heights.

It is now time for all of us to come together and move the city forward. It is our job to work with you to restore your confidence in our government and get back to the business of our primary objectives: providing critical safety and public services; improving the quality of life for residents of all ages; and spending your tax dollars wisely in these tough economic times. There are many questions about current staffing issues and priority action items that need to be addressed in the coming weeks. In order to provide clarity about our road ahead, below are some of the immediate issues that have been identified:

  • At this time, there is no immediate plan for staffing changes for most filled positions.

  • The City has many months of financial records that need to be reconciled, bills that need to be paid before our next City Audit, and issues
    related to the City’s capital assets. Staffing solutions will be added to the Finance department to assist in the resolution of those issues.

  • The Walter Haverfield law firm will continue to provide special legal counsel for the Mayor and City Council until the Mayor appoints and City
    Council confirms a new Law Director.

  • A process will be implemented to post and interview for the over 30 vacant city positions (including critical, unfilled posts to our citizen-led
    Boards and Commissions). A search committee will be named by the Mayor to assist in identifying qualified candidates. Key City staff positions that need to be filled include those of Service Director, Service Foreman and Recreation Director.

  • The city will hire two additional police officers.

  • We must appoint a new Council Member within 45 days. The Mayor and City Council will work together to reach consensus on a new member and fulfill the appointment pursuant to the City’s Charter.

  • The Mayor will restore open communications between Council and the city departments.

  • In the next few months, we will host a series of Community Conversations in each ward to openly discuss our challenges and opportunities and begin to have positive and constructive conversations with each other about the future of our community.

As your Mayor and the President of Council, we take on our new positions knowing that we have a duty and obligation to independently preside over our community’s two separate branches of government (and for both City Council and the Administration to provide appropriate checks and balances). You expect us to work collaboratively to fulfill our civic responsibilities - and we plan to do so with honesty, integrity and a spirit of civility.

In Richmond Heights, we have so much to be proud of. We are a committed, caring and inclusive community that is rich in diversity, with a great history and even better future. It is now time for all of us to come together, move the city forward and get back to the business of fulfilling our obligations as your public servants.

We pledge to work together with civility, respect and openness to make you proud to call Richmond Heights your home.


David H. Roche, Mayor

Eloise Henry, President of Council


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