What are the special assessment charges on my tax bill for?

There are three special assessments that are most frequently found on your tax bill. One that is on most tax bills for Richmond Heights is a Sewer Maintenance Fee. This special assessment amount ranges from $50 to $200 per half and is put on by the County Sanitary Sewer Engineer. The phone number to contact him is 216-443-8201. Another special assessment is for the installation of the sewer line in your area. This assessment is put on by the City. The amount of this assessment varies by project. The time period of the assessment is for twenty years. You can contact the Director of Finance at City Hall 216-486-2474 for specific information about your sewer assessment. The third special assessment is for lawn maintenance performed by the City on abandoned and vacant properties. This assessment is certified by the City with the County in early September for all maintenance charges from September of the previous year through August of the current year. Most title companies will check for any future assessments to a property at the time of sale. If the title company does not check, then the assessment will follow the property, not the previous owner.

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2. What are the special assessment charges on my tax bill for?
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