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Redstone Run / Highland Reserve

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In May 2013, an 8.71 acre property on Highland Road in Richmond Heights was purchased by West Creek Conservancy with the support of Friends of Euclid Creek for conservation as part of a larger effort to protect water quality in the Euclid Creek Watershed. This property contains 1,000 linear feet of Redstone Run, a tributary to the East Branch of Euclid Creek, and is made up of steep shale slopes leading down to the creek. The land was purchased to protect the high quality plant and animal habitat and to protect the site's steep slopes from development or deforestation. The property retained in its natural state provides an ideal "land lab" for research and educational activities and will enhance the overall beauty of this portion of Euclid Creek. Due to the location of the Highland Reserve and its proximity to private property owners' back yards, please call West Creek Conservancy to schedule a tour of the property at 216-749-3720 or contact the Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator at 216-524-6580, ext. 16.

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