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Richmond Heights Community Center ( formerly Kiwanis Lodge)

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Kiwanis Lodge Permit Application (PDF)

Kiwanis Lodge Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Usage Fees for Kiwanis Lodge (PDF)

The lodge is located at the rear of the Community Park. Fitness and line dancing classes are offered weekly with minimal fees, and a number of City events are held in this large event space featuring two large halls. The Senior Hall is a large space with a dance floor, bar, access to an adjoining kitchen, and seating for up to 164 guests. The Kiwanis Hall is a smaller space perfect for hosting large dinners, baby showers, and other smaller events. It has a large built-in bar, access to the kitchen, and seating for up to 100 guests. Residents interested in reserving a hall in the lodge should contact the Recreation Department for more information.

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